Looks like the Roadster hype is not going anywhere! The company had just put out a video of the car accelerating to 60MPH and beyond in lighting quick pace. According to Tesla, the new Roadster should be able to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds and the video appears to show just that!

Tesla Acceleration Video

Tesla has previously released some onboard footage from the launch event that shows passengers reacting to the extreme acceleration.

In a video interview with the VINWiki YouTube channel, professional driver and designer Emile Bouret (@ebouret) commented about his experience as a driver in the said event:
“I know there is some skepticism about the figures that were quoted that day, 0 to 60 mph, quarter-mile, etc., and I think I can say without getting in trouble that those are actual figures. Those are not theoretical. Those are not calculations. We have done those numbers. I probably shouldn’t say but those numbers are actually conservative. It’s going to be a proper weapon.”

Tesla Roadster Acelleration Reactions

The Roadster will also be able to hit 100 MPH in just 4.2 seconds and will boast a top speed of over 250 MPH thanks to its electric motor that produces 7,376 pound-feet of torque! The new Tesla will also have over 600 miles of highway range according to the company.

Elon Musk next to Tesla Roadster
Elon Musk introducing the new Tesla Roadster

The Roadster was first introduced in 2017 as a successor to the 2008 model that previously put Tesla on the map. Tesla Roadster is set to be released in 2020 and can be yours for around $200,000.

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