McLaren has just released another video showing more angles of the new McLaren GT. The company had previously released a darkened shots of the side profile and rear of the car, but the new video leaves very little to the imagination.

Teaser Video

It is said that the car will arrive in autumn and will be priced at around £145,000 ($188,000). The GT will be part of McLarens Sports and Super series and will have some resemblance to the McLaren 570GT. However, the GT will have a unique body not seen on any McLaren before and share some design similarities with the Speedtail.

The new grand tourer from McLaren is said to be powered by a 3.8l twin-turbo V8 and is expected to produce more power than the 562bhp McLaren 570GT. According to McLaren– the goal of the GT is to “combine continent-crossing ride comfort with the thrills of a superlight performance car”.

Do you think the new GT will live up to the hype? Will the GT be the ultimate Grand Tourer? All will be known soon as the McLaren is set to reveal the car on the 15th of May at 1 PM (BST).

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