Emile Bouret is a man of many talents and is living a life that would make any petrolhead jealous. This includes professional racing, stunt-driving and professional car design (Emile was part of the design team for the legendary 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse). He has also worked as a driving instructor at the Audi Sports Car Experience and BMW Performance Driving School.

Emile was kind enough to answer a few questions for Faster Living and give us an insight into what the life that most of us would dream of looks like!

Emile Bouret Racing
Emile Bouret Racing at the Nürburgring

You have worked as the chief instructor at the Audi Sportscar Experience in California. What was your favorite Audi to drive and why?

EMILE: Tough one, right from the start! I have to say, Audi have been so very good to me over the years, and I’ve had so many great times in various Audi models. But pushed to select just one as my favorite to drive, I’m afraid I have to go with a somewhat obvious answer; the R8. Perhaps surprisingly, though, it’s the 1st-Gen R8 that has my heart. Additionally, and again, probably an unexpected selection, it would be the V8 with the gated-manual that would get my vote. Compared to the significantly-faster V10, the V8 is better balanced and more readily flatters its driver. It can be driven in a serious, purposeful way for a quick lap time or like a complete lunatic, sliding sideways everywhere, and it remains benign throughout. A true sweetheart of a car that is a joy to drive at any speed.

Audi R8 V8
Audi R8 V8

Some people might recognise you as the driver in the new Tesla Roadster reveal video. How would you describe the acceleration of the car?

EMILE: In a word; PLAID!!! LOL! Seriously, though, I can’t say much, other than owners will need to recalibrate their minds and their “butt dynos.” Whatever you know as “fast” won’t prepare you for it. 

Check out the video of Emile giving passenger rides in the new Roadster below:

Tesla Roadster in the Tesla unveiling event

If you could have one weekend to drive any car, anywhere in the world, what would it be?

EMILE: Damn… another tough one! While the Ferrari F40 and 330 P4 are constantly exchanging top spot on my favorite cars list, the other car that’s right there (currently 2nd to the P4, as I just checked my phone) would probably get the nod. The McLaren F1 LM beats the F40 for me in this scenario as its naturally aspirated V12 would trump the F40’s twin-turbo V8 through any tunnels I’d encounter, and with what I’m assuming would be razor sharp throttle response.

The P4, while also V12 powered, would be incredible in open top form, but there’s no way I can believe it would compare favorably against the F1 given its age. Plus, I don’t have the hair for a convertible. And since this is a dream scenario, the McLaren would allow me to bring both Scarlet Johansson and Olivia Munn along for the ride, as the three of us traversed some of Europe’s great mountain roads, stopping along the way only for fuel, food and… ok, I’m getting carried away with this so I’ll stop there!

McLaren F1 LM
McLaren F1 LM

What is your favorite racing series to watch?

EMILE: I’m a total F1 nerd, but I can admit it’s not fun to watch these days. IndyCar has been really good since the new car debuted last year. But the most fun racing to watch for me is sportscar racing. Specifically, I love LeMans (well, until it was Toyota vs. Toyota last year) and any series for GT3 cars, like the VLN Nürburgring endurance series (and the N24). Also, Australian V8 Supercars put on a hell of a show!

Le Mans racing
Sunset at Le Mans

If you could sit down and have a coffee with one person from history (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

EMILE: While I suspect he might have been a man of few words, and therefore not a great answer to this question, I’d probably go with Enzo Ferrari. Also intriguing would be Ayrton Senna, again, if he’d be chatty. If it had to be someone still living, I’d say Luca Di Montezemolo, as I heard him on a podcast recently and he came across as charismatic as you’d imagine, while also very candid and surprisingly funny.

Luca Montezemolo
Luca Montezemolo at the Ferrari Rome rally in 1997

Imagine you just won a $1,000,000,000 jackpot. What would you spend your days doing?

EMILE: I’m a sucker for kids and dogs, so there would be some charitable stuff that would drain some of that money, but in turn would fill my heart and my life beyond anything cars could do. But as that is the space we’re discussing (cars), and as cars really are my life, I’ll answer by saying that not that much would change, honestly. Ok, yes, I wouldn’t be flying around all the time to work for manufacturers at various venues. But I’d still be flying around a lot — on chartered flights, most likely — to play with cars, which is pretty much what I do now, luckily! But the playing would be different, without question. I’d be in Maranello often, I would imagine. Picking up or spec-ing my next Red Car. Same goes for Stuttgart, as I’d have to have a few rear-engined things as well.

Besides that, one thing I’ve always thought I’d do if I won a big lotto would be to go endurance racing with a two-car team, putting several of my former-racing-driver friends in the cars as my teammates. There are so many guys that have (or had) the driving talent but never got the chance for whatever reason(s), it would be amazing to show up at Daytona or Sebring or Petit LeMans with a bunch of nobodies and to run well and surprise the well-established teams. For sure I’d run the entire VLN series at the Nürburgring too!

Team Phoenix Audi R8 LMS Ultra
Team Phoenix Audi R8 LMS Ultra

Finally, what would you say to people who aspire to make it in the car design world?

EMILE: What would I say to aspiring car designers: DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!!! It’s so important to be able to draw well enough that it doesn’t hinder you from “downloading” your ideas. If you can’t communicate your ideas visually (through drawing, whether digitally or traditionally), you’re likely going to find it difficult at best to be a car designer. The irony is, as you move up in the car design world, you draw less and less, directing others instead. But you can’t get there without being able to communicate your design ideas.

The other thing I would say is never give up. I was told by a famous teacher at Art Center that I’d never be a car designer based on one drawing for one assignment. I used that unfair critique (the drawing was actually pretty good at the time, IMO) as fuel and, for better or worse, I did think about him and his words the first time I saw my first production car (1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse) driving down the road. So yeah, no one can stop you but you, so get after it!

Emile Bouret art
Emile Bouret next to his artwork

We would like to thank Emile for being absolutely awesome and giving us some time from his busy schedule to answer these questions! Make sure to follow Emile Bouret on his social media below:

Instagram: @ebouret
Twitter: @ebouret

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