What do you get when you mix the best video production technology with one of the most aggressive modern day supercars? The Huracam! A supercharged Lamborghini Huracan with over 800+ horsepower and two RED Digital cinema cameras mounted on either side of the car! This lethal combination ensures that you’ll be able to get every shot and look damn good doing it!

We had a chance to interview Chris Feulner (IG: @cfuelner), president of Activ Films and driver of The Huracam and asked him a few questions about this legendary vehicle and a little more…

Huracam and Chris Feulner
Chris Feulner Next to The Huracam

How did the idea for The Huracam originate?

CHRIS: The idea of the Huracam originated in Dutch Harbor, Alaska while Nathan Garofalos and I were shooting on Discovery Channel’s TV show, “Deadliest Catch.” The speed limit in Dutch Harbor and the whole island of Unalaska is 35mph. Nathan and I run the truck-cam with one of Nathan’s GSS gimbals mounted in the bed of the truck on a raised platform. Our job is to go around the island and shoot B-roll of the boats, capture moments with the cast, and landscapes throughout the day. We do this for about 12 hours a day for a little over a week, going a max of 35mph.

Christ and Nathan next to The Huracam
Nathan and Chris setting up the cameras on The Huracam

After a few days, we just wanted to go fast. At the time, I owned a Lamborghini Huracan LP610 that wasn’t getting much use, so I threw out the idea of mounting a GSS gimbal on the front of my car. We’ve mounted these gimbals of jets, helicopters, side by sides, boats, trucks, so why not a high-performance vehicle? After we returned to the US mainland, we discussed the idea further, took the car apart, and began building prototype mounting brackets with a couple of our friends who specialize in automotive and metal fabrication. That was the beginning of the idea. The car is currently leagues ahead of that prototype. Nathan Garofalos (Incline Dynamic Outlet) bought a completely different Huracan, supercharged by VF Engineering, redeveloped front mount and now an adjustable rear mount and top mount, wrapped in matte black digi camo, race seats, roll cage, among other things.

Huracam Gimbal
Huracam Rear Mounted Gimbal

What camera setup is installed in the Huracam?

CHRIS: The camera set up we use is one or a combo of Gyro Stabilized Systems (GSS) gimbals. We can run one on the front, or one on the rear, or both at the same time. We run RED Digital cinema cameras inside the gimbals, generally, a Monstro, 8K Helium, or Gemini, mated with either of 16-40mm, 25-250mm, or 50-1000mm cine lenses.

Huracam Side Profile
Chris driving The Huracam

We can run any camera or lens combo in the gimbals, but these are our first choices. The gimbal systems can be operated by the passenger inside the Huracam or wirelessly operated from a stationary location.

Lamborghini Huracam Rear View
The Huracam rear up close

What power figures does the car produce after VF Engineering modified it?

CHRIS: The car is a night and day difference after the VF supercharger. The car posts over 800HP on pump gas. VF is planning on tweaking the car further for the application of added weight as it is currently at VF getting some more goodies installed.

Huracam next to a plane
Huracam in action

What was the most challenging part of the build?

CHRIS: The most challenging part of the build was honestly the first cut into a perfectly great supercar to be purpose-built for filming the fastest cars in the world. All jokes aside, nothing has come easy with doing any of this because it’s all uncharted territory. There is no template or build guide, just concept, build, and test.

Huracam Wheels
Huracam “Titan 7” Performance Wheels

What is the most challenging shoot Huracam ever took part in?

CHRIS: The most challenging shoot the Huracam will probably have to be shooting the McLaren 600LT release commercial. We had to shoot much of it at night with our lights off chasing the 600LT around a non-lit track where we could only see as much as the 600LT’s brake light glow on the asphalt. Every shoot is challenging, but also a ton of fun.

Huracam and Ferrari California
Huracam chasing a Ferrari mid-shoot

What’s next for Huracam?

CHRIS: More work is next for the Huracam. We were just at NAB in Vegas for a week with the car on display, which was a ton of fun talking to thousands of people about the build and uses. The car will be on display at Cinegear in LA at the end of May/beginning of June.

Huracam side view
Huracam Side View

Finally, what would you suggest to young creators trying to make it in the industry?

CHRIS: Great technology is becoming more affordable and accessible to people. Social media has become a part of daily life, so creating visuals has become somewhat a part of the normal person’s daily life, at least a lot more than it was 10 years ago. I think the best thing you can do is network, build your portfolio, and take every single opportunity you get. Build with other up and coming creators. Keep your head down and work. You never know who you’ll cross paths with and what doors will open for you.

Lamborghini Huracan Huracam
Huracam in action

A huge thank you to Chris and Nathan for answering our questions. It was very fascinating to find out more about this incredible build and the team that made it happen! Let’s hope we can see more of this incredible beast in the future. You can follow the progress of The Huracam and the team behind the build here:

Chris Feulner:
Instagram: @cfeulner @activfilms
Website: www.activfilms.tv

Nathan Garofalos
Instagram: @nathangarofalos @thehuracam
Website: www.inclinedynamicoutlet.com

Supercharger: @vfengineering
Wheels: @titan7wheels
Mounts: @peovimounts
Gimbals: @gyrostabilizedsystems
Cameras: @reddigitalcinema
Photos: @kevthephotographer @j.o._photography


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